On a May morning in 1955 - fifty-nine years ago - 132 bright young lieutenants arrived at Moore Air Base, Mission, Texas, a stone's throw from the Mexican border. There they would begin the long, arduous process of becoming pilots in the United States Air Force. Along the way these men forged bonds of friendship, mutual trust, and respect that survive to this day.

These were, and the survivors of those original 132 still are, the proud men of Moore Air Base Primary Flying School Class 56-N.

This website is their means of postponing, for a little longer, the day when their fleeting footprints in the shifting sands of history will have been swept away by the inexorable passage of time.

Now our days rush by ever faster. Yet as the twilight deepens, the old friendships and the shared experiences that are recalled here will preserve for just a little longer the bonds that unite the dwindling remnant of this once-strong band of brothers.


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